[RIP Feb 2021] Rotier’s Restaurant Nashville, TN Established 1945

Feb 2021: Rotier’s is Closed 🙁





Nashville is changing so quickly nowadays that it is becoming harder to find authentic vintage places there.

Thank goodness Rotier’s is hanging in there since 1945!

That vintage neon sign, Formstone front and metal awning were a sight for our retro lovin’ eyes, after seeing all the new construction going on all around town. Rotier’s is the real deal –  none of that pre-made “meant to look old but really shiny and new” stuff here.

Rotier's Restaurant Nashville TN

Started by the Rotier family 70+ years ago as a burger and beer joint, and their cheeseburger served on french bread is what they’re noted for today.
Rotier's Restaurant Nashville TN
They’ve recently been named the best burger in the state by Business Insider.
Rotier's Restaurant Nashville TN

Had Retro Roadhusband not wolfed his burger down so quickly I would’ve gotten a photo of it! I had a piece of lemon icebox pie and it was delish!

If you’re a bit weary of all of the changes going on in Music City, make sure to get to Rotier’s for some authentic vintage relief.

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