Category: Retro Roadmap in The News!

Apr 27
BBC Travel asks and Mod Betty Shares: Featherstone Pink Flamingos – a Retro Roadmap Fave!

Mod Betty has been a fan of the Massachusetts made pink flamingos since her teen…

Apr 23
Mod Betty on TV! PBS39 “Counter Culture” Episode 11

Starting at the 9:20 mark, watch Mod Betty chat with host Grover Silcox at the counter…

Apr 12
Watch Mod Betty on WHYY / PBS TV “Movers & Makers” online!

Here’s the link to watch yours truly on WHYY TV’s Movers & Makers show…

Apr 09
Mod Betty on WHYY TV – Movers & Makers Sneak Peek!

Mod Betty returns to the PBS airwaves on WHYY-TV’s Movers and Makers! The show…

Jan 10
Mod Betty in Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine – Retro Roadmap Column too!

What fun good news to start the year! Mod Betty is not only thrilled to be appearing…

Aug 07
Kevin Bacon / Michael Bacon – Retro Roadmappers on Mod Betty’s Birthday!

Mod Betty could not go to the gig, but Retro Roadhusband Cliff Hillis made sure my…

Aug 01
Hidden City Philadelphia Interviews Mod Betty / August 2018

Mod Betty was thrilled to be interviewed by Hidden City’s own Michael Bixler…

Jun 03
Retro Roadmap in the Philadelphia Inquirer! June 2018

Retro Roadmappers! Retro Roadmap is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s…

May 01
Mod Betty’s Shore Picks – Inside Jersey Magazine! May 2018

Mod Betty was thrilled to be interviewed by the talented Jenn Hall for this piece on…

Nov 03
Nothing Could Be Finer Than Gabbing in a Diner! [VIDEO]

Mod Betty was thrilled to be invited to sit in the actual vintage diner at the…

Oct 13
Mod Betty in Charles Phoenix ‘Addicted to Americana’ Book [Color Me Thrilled!]

Retro Roadmappers – as many of you know I am totally inspired by the dedication,…

Jul 16
Philadelphia Inquirer Features Retro Roadmap Photos! [Mod Betty in The News!]

Well this is nice to wake up to! The Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer giving a shout out…


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