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Praise For Zig Zag Mid Century Cheer of Nu-Life Cleaners Hatboro PA A Retro Roadmap Postcard from the Road!

Posted on: February 9, 2016

  • Nu-Life Cleaners:
  • address: 340 S York Rd Hatboro, PA 19040
  • phone : 215-675-3385

When I saw the zigzag¬†roofline and colorful diamond shaped sign at Nu-Life Cleaners in Hatboro, PA I knew I had to stop and snap a photo. Isn’t this place the cutest?

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If I lived near here I’d bring all of my drycleaning there!

AND I’d make sure to let them know that the reason I was bringing my business to them is¬†because they kept their unique mid-century modern look and didn’t try to boxify and blandify in an attempt to look new. Who doesn’t like positive reinforcement, especially when it brings in business?

Is there a great looking vintage business near you? Spend your money there and make sure to let them know that you’re there because they dared to be different, and kept their charm! I bet that might get shop owners to think twice about remuddling their so-called outdated look.

Outdated is IN says Mod Betty!