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Retro Roadkids Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Michael G Stewart Photography Mod Betty Sled Fest 2011

Photo of us at Sledfest 2011 courtesy of Michael G. Stewart Photography

During my visit home one of the things  I am looking forward to is bringing the Retro Roadkids (aka niece/nephew) along for a day of Retro Roadmap research.

They are used to the driving “adventures” that they go on when I come home to visit, and hopefully look forward to them as much as I do. This also gives me an excuse to highlight places with kid appeal- like mini-golf, seaside amusements and whatnot.

I am in the lucky position of being the wacky aunt who blows into town at random times, mixes up everyone’s schedule and makes them travel to places not on their usual route.  This allows me to see some of the places that I miss and also expose the kids to some new scenery, while hopefully giving them an appreciation of the places I hold so dear.

I think it’s working! I was absolutely thrilled when my sister told me she overheard one Roadkid tell the other,

“Auntie says you take the highways

when you want to get somewhere fast,

but you take the small roads

when you want to look at stuff”.

So glad to be able to introduce the wonders of Retro Roadmapping to the young’uns.  It is always interesting to get their take on the places that we travel to, and in the future I hope to share their commentary and perhaps a photo or two, with you all.