[CLOSED] Mel-Dor Vintage Motel Sign Bechtelsville PA

2011 Sad to report it’s not there anymore!


It must’ve been the time of day and the way that the bright sunlight reflected off of the neon tubing that caught my peripheral vision as I drove up Route 100 north of Pottstown PA.  When I glanced over my shoulder and saw the bright red vintage sign for the Mel-Dor Motel peeking out from the roadside shrubs I knew I had to snap a photo of it, somehow. We don’t see many cool signs like this in the Keystone State, so each one is a keeper in my book.

Mel Dor Motel Sign

Taking the photo proved to be a bit of a challenge as the vintage neon sign is situated so it looked its best from the opposite side of the highway. Luckily it was a slow Sunday drive kind of day, so I (bravely? foolishly? you decide) pulled off on the side of the exit ramp and snapped this quick photo.

Alas the motel itself isn’t much to look at – if you didn’t see the sign you may not even notice the beige painted building behind the shrubs and fence. The internet reveals that it was built in 1970 is still an operating motel, though since I haven’t stayed there, I don’t feel qualified to comment on how it is as a place to stay.

But the  vintage motel sign is a keeper for sure!

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