[ RIP 2021 ] Price’s Chicken Coop Charlotte, NC – Fried Chicken Heaven!

Blurgh. Price’s Chicken Coop Closed in June 2021:  https://carolinas.eater.com/2021/6/18/22540071/charlotte-prices-chicken-coop-closed


Original 2009 Post:

I totally dream about the fried chicken we got at Price’s Chicken Coop in Charlotte NC, and in fact am getting ravenous just looking at the photo of the food we had there (scroll to the end if you can’t wait for the big “reveal”!)

So you, my dear Retro Roadmap Reader will be prepared like a local, let me clue you into what Price’s Chicken Coop Is and Is Not.

Price's Chicken Coop

Price’s Chick Coop:

*Has been in business since 1962 and is a Charlotte NC foodie landmark
*Has been written up in Gourmet Magazine by none other than Jane & Michael Stern of Roadfood fame
*Is the most tasty fried chicken I have ever had- the skin was fried to a crispy perfect goodness and the meat was moist and flavorful.
*Is a total bargain- we ordered a 1/2 chicken meal that came with 4 pieces of chicken, 2 hushpuppies, a roll, tons of tater rounds and a container of cole slaw with that Charlotte oddity “pickle on a toothpick” garnish (toothpickle?) and 2 sweet teas- it came to around $12 and we had so much food left over!

Price’s Chicken Coop is NOT:

-Not much to look at – though the signs are kinda cool
-Not restaurant- it’s take out counter only – we ate in our car
-Does Not take anything but cash ( but there is an ATM on site)
-Does Not sell soda, just sweet tea ( but there is a soda machine in the corner)
-Is Not an orderly place – just jump into one of the many lines and be ready to order!
-Not open on Sunday or Monday

Now onto the good stuff- drum roll, please!

Get ready….
Price's Chicken Coop Box

Price's Chicken Coop Chicken

As you can see by the leg with a bite out of it in the corner it was hard to restrain ourselves for the seconds it took to snap a photo. Looking at this photo I now realize why the scale was tipped so heavily after our return, and why I’m salivating right now!

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  • Lizzie
    October 19, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Oh, drat! Now I’ll have to find it next time I’m in Charlotte. Hope you had a great trip south!

  • Lizzie
    October 17, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    Oh, drat! Now I’ll have to find it next time I’m in Charlotte. Hope you had a great trip south!

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