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PJ Pastry Shop Dedham MA – A Friends of Eddie Coyle Shot Brings Back Fond Memories!

Posted on: January 13, 2011

Over the summer I had great fun sharing some Boston area locations from the 1970’s move The Friends Eddie Coyle (here’s a link to my original post “1970?s Boston Movie Fun – Name That Location! The Friends of Eddie Coyle”.)

Well I wasn’t the only one who had fond memories of the locations this movie used, as I recently got a wonderful email from a member of the family that owned  the P.J. Pastry Shop in Dedham Square – as seen below in the opening credits:

Dedham Square

I thought it would be great to add this note to the cache of information about not only Eddie Coyle but also Dedham Square. As I’ve mentioned, both my parents grew up in Dedham, and we would call my younger sister “PJ” when she was young, so I’ve got a soft spot for the info below as well!

Hello Mod Betty!!

I can’t tell how excited I was to see my family’s bakery in your blog “1970’s Boston Movie Fun — Name That Location! The Friend’s of Eddie Coyle.” My grandfather Paul Sivacek Sr. opened the store in 1933 with partner Jacob Umsheid (my grandfather “Paul” was the “P” in PJ & his partner Jacob was the “J”). My father, Paul Sivacek, Jr., took it over in the early 1970’s with his brother Edward (my uncle) and ran it until the late 80’s/early 90’s.

It was then took over by another baker who called it “Dedham Bake Shop” and within a few years, it was occupied by “Diana Gaikazova Designs”, who since has moved across the street & runs the renamed “The Heart of the Square” next to the historic Dedham Community Theatre. Currently, the space once occupied for over 60 years by PJ Pastry Shop is now a personal fitness center called “The Body Workshop.”

We all (including family & current occupants of Dedham) miss a bakery in the Square!

Thank you so much for remembering PJ Pastry Shop in the movie and posting it in your blog. I have never seen a picture of that before and it brought back fond memories. Keep up the good work, and again, thank you for your memorable post!

Please let me know if you have any questions or curiosities about the bakery — I’d be glad to answer them!



If anyone has a question about the bakery I’d be more than happy to forward it to Kristine. And Kristine, thanks so much for adding your little bit of history to this topic! I’ll also be putting this email in the comments of the original post.

It’s kind of cool to realize that we all can contribute something to the common knowledge on a certain topic – from fuzzy pictures of old neon signs to family remembrances of local stores. Yay for all of us!