Month: February 2011

Feb 27
Look What The Serro Scotty Stork Dropped Off!

You can see some more photos of our Serro Scotty camper, interior and all on our…

Feb 25
[CLOSED] West Shore Theatre New Cumberland PA – Keeping the Neon Lit Since 1940

March 2018 – Good news! Looks like the West Shore may be given a new lease on…

Feb 24
Boehringer’s Ice Cream Adamstown PA – 75th Season Starts March 11

You can tell spring is a’coming when Boehringer’s Ice Cream in Adamstown…

Feb 19
Retro Road Maps not loading – but don’t panic – There’s the Retro RoadMAPS page!

Good morning folks – I just happened to notice randomly that none of the maps…

Feb 18
Kowloon Chinese Restaurant Now Has A Free App For Your iPhone!

Just found out my favorite chinese restaurant / tiki mecca up in Saugus MA -the…

Feb 18
Roney’s Restaurant Route 130 Collingswood NJ Closed For Good – Bummer

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, so I’ll just consider this a…

Feb 12
Retro Valentine! Date Night with Herb Alpert and Lani Hall

RetroRoadhusband, the dear, just surprised me with a fabulous Valentines gift –…

Feb 12
Retro Philadelphia and New Jersey Bound! What’s Not-To-Miss?

The weather is supposed to be over freezing this weekend, and I’ve got a Groupon…

Feb 09
Dear Internet, Help Us Plan Our Retro Road Trip To Austin TX – Thanks!

As we make plans for our retro road trip to Austin TX next month I can’t help…

Feb 03
Please Send a Valentine To Milly – The Last Remaining Del Rubio Triplet

While the focus of RetroRoadmap is primarily vintage retro and cool old places to go,…

Feb 02
Trust Established For Steve Murray – Critically Injured Owner of Zap & Co. Vintage Store

To keep folks in the loop, there has been a fund set up to accept donations to help…


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