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Denny’s is So Behind The Times – RetroRoadmap Did Bacon Sundaes Last Summer! Photographic Proof!

Posted on: April 5, 2011

Denny’s is all over the news for their new bacon-centric menu, however RetroRoadmap Readers may remember that yours truly – Mod Betty – was eating bacon and ice cream sundaes way back last summer, for breakfast at The Goldenrod in York Beach, ME – and here’s the photographic proof!

Penuche Sundae and Bacon for breakfast!

It’s a bummy weather day here near RetroRoadmap HQ and I’m actually sitting here waiting to see the dentist, so what better time to relive sweets and sunshine with a link to the original article about my fun stay in Coastal Maine.

The Goldenrod, York Beach ME – My Bacon Sundae Breakfast Spot

Is it wrong to was to make the first stop after a teeth cleaning be at an ice cream parlor??

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