Diner Tour of Southern New Jersey – Only a Few Seats Left!

There’s still time to sign up for the Society of Commercial Archeology‘s South Jersey Diner (and more) tour on Saturday September 17!


Tour Highlights Include:

Historic Jersey Roads!

o Journey parts of U.S. Route 130 – before I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike, there was only Route 130, serving early suburbanites and East Coast travelers, a roadscape that has been accumulating since the 1920s

o Follow the Black Horse Pike from sketchy streets of Camden deep into the Jersey Deviltrodden Pine Barrens

o Ride U.S. Route 40 in the footsteps of George R. Stewart through the garden part of the Garden State

Diner Deliciousness!

o Breakfast at the fabulous Elgin Diner, a pristine Kullman from 1958

o Coffee at Bellmawr’s 1963 Club Diner

o Photo stop at Angelo’s tiny Kullman dinette, a Glassboro institution since 1951

o Lunch at the postmodern retro-remodeled Geet’s Diner in Williamstown

o Pie at the 54 Diner, a 1957 Mountain View on NJ Route 54 in Buena Vista

o Milk shake at the Olympia Dairy Bar

o Dinner at the Salem Oak Diner, a 1955 Silk City

o Dessert at its near double, the 1958 Deepwater Diner


Roadside Wackiness!

o Pull hot bread right from the oven at Del Buono’s Bakery

o See the stunning Cookie Jar House of Glendora

o Confront the mesmerizing stare of a roadside tire giants

o Spin about the Airport Circle, the very first in a breed of interchanges new for 1927

o Explore the half-built re-creation of Vineland’s bizarre Palace of Depression

Hosted by SCA member Kevin Patrick – Professor of geography and regional planning at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and author of Diners of Pennsylvania (with Brian Butko and Kyle R. Weaver), Pennsylvania Caves and Other Rocky Roadside Wonders, and the forthcoming Diners of New Jersey.

We had great fun sharing the Retro Roadmap booth with Kevin at Blobfest this summer and this tour sounds just great! Click here for more info on the 2011 SCA South Jersey Diner Tour, but hurry- there are only a few seats left!

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