Mayflower Cafe Jackson MS in The Help – Another Retro Roadmap Worthy Location Featured in a Movie!

Mod Betty occasionally dips into the modern world-  to see a movie or something – but even then is on the Retro Roadmap lookout. So I was thrilled to see a familiar Retro Roadmap destination – The Mayflower Cafe  in the movie The Help – set in early 1960’s Jackson, MS.
Mayflower Cafe Sign and ExteriorWe had a delicious meal at The Mayflower (the oldest cafe in Jackson MS) a few months back, but we had no idea that Hollywood had scoped out this historic restaurant a few months prior to our visit.

You can click here to see some photos of the filming happening on Capitol Street on the Deep South Magazine Flickr page and read their article about the filming of The Help in Jackson, with some details on the other locations in the area “Retro’d up” for the movie.

In the movie The Mayflower is where Skeeter and Stuart go for a date and when they exit the restaurant there’s a scene where the sign on the side of the building proclaiming “Mayflower parking” can be easily seen in the glow of the neon.

And there my pals is another fabulous reason for businesses to maintain their original charm and character – making money as a movie location, and then being visited by folks who saw the movie. Win win, I’d say!

So if you see The Help – be sure to keep an eye out for the authentic vintage businesses alongside some of the Hollywood made ones.



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