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Rosedale Diner Postcard Print Mystery Gift at Work – Mystery Solved!

Posted on: September 30, 2011

Lookit what was waiting for me this morning at my Corporate Cube- how cool! Now I just have to find out what swell coworker left it there for me…!


Mystery Solved! Work pal and all around good guy Paul Altobelli dropped this at my desk as a Thank You for hepping him to the fascinating history behind the “Abandoned Luncheonette” made famous by Hall & Oates,


and researched thoroughly by fellow road writer Matt Simmons, which you can read here on another fab road website Larry Cultrera’s Diner Hotline.

It’s always fun when a love of diners and rock and roll meet, and even more enjoyable when there’s someone at the “9-5” job who appreciates them both along with me. Thanks Pauly Baby!

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