Kentucky Derby Sandwich – The Hot Brown from the Brown Hotel, Louisville KY

Ever since someone at work mentioned that this is Derby Weekend all I could think of was this delicious sandwich. But to call it a sandwich doesn’t do it justice. I mean, just look at that:

Hot Brown at The Brown Hotel Louisville KYThat’s the mouthwatering, completely decadent and totally worth it “Hot Brown” from the historic Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville Kentucky.  We made a special stop there for a taste of this regional delicacy  last year and I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Now I haven’t had din-din yet so if I start describing this meal the keyboard will soon be awash in drool, so why don’t you check out the post I did last year on it. NOM! I’m heading to the kitchen now!

Louisville’s Brown Hotel’s Famous Hot Brown Sandwich – Totally Worth the Caloric Detour!

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