California Dreamin! – Retro Roadmap Prep, Los Angeles

While I haven’t even finished posting about our last trip to California, that’s not going to stop me from heading back there when opportunity (and a free ticket) arises! So I’m doing what I love to do before any trip, putting pins in the map!

While there are a heap of places we didn’t get to the last time we were there, this time ’round I’ve also got some help from an olde fashioned paper map of “How to Find Old L.A.” courtesy of Herb Lester Associates:

Herb Lester Associates Old L.A. Map

(Don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored post- but if it was one I’d tell you. And if it was one I’d be posting about something like this map, not laundry detergent!)

When a FB pal of mine linked to the Herb Lester website I was immediately smitten, thinking “If Retro Roadmap had a paper map counterpart, I’d want these folks to design it.”I love the vintage-inspired yet modern approach with line drawings, color palette and great font choices. So fresh, so now!

There are some places they have listed that I already have on my jam packed agenda (The Apple Pan, Cole’s) places we’ve been before (The Dresden, Musso & Frank, Tiki-Ti) but also some that are new to me (Original Pantry Cafe, Patsy Pizza).

Herb Lester Associates Old L.A. Map 2

We’ll see how it does as an actual map during our trip, and I’ll make sure to let you all know. (Already I’m having a hard time discerning the orange blocks on the red background- would I say that if it was a sponsored post? ;-))

I’ve also gotten some fun tips from folks over at the Retro Roadmap Facebook page – if you know of any places in the Los Angeles area that you think are Retro Roadmap worthy, put them in the comments here. If we go there I’ll make sure to give you a shout out!

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