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#RetroMontco – Montgomery County PA Retro Roadmap Snapshots

Posted on: February 1, 2015

We don’t have any big travel plans this year (next year, crossing fingers!) so Mod B is trying to find those Retro Roadmap worthy places and sites close to home!

Today we do some ‘sploring in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – enjoy!

My pal HP and I started with a wicked tasty breakfast at Daddypop’s Diner in Hatboro PA:

Daddypop's Diner Hatboro PA


We didn’t plan on spending much time in Hatboro, but there’s a bunch of of antique, collectible, thrift stores. Not sure what I need with another fez, but I came home with one, and I was amazed to see this collection of Jerry Blavat records up for grabs:
Mod Betty Finds Jerry Blavat Records
And while I don’t know many of the famous people sketched in this 1951 “In and Around Lehigh Valley” book by artist Leo Hammerl I just had to take it home with me.
Jolly Bill Steinke - In and Around The Lehigh Valley Book - Leo Hammerl
Hats off to Gamburg’s Furniture for keeping the neon burning bright!
Gamburg's Furniture - Hatboro PA
Farther on down the road we also scoped out a neat little area where we plan to return for photos once the weather is nice, but en route came across these two faves of Mod B:
The Hiway Theatre in Jenkintown that is way overdue in appearing on the Retro Roadmap!
Hiway Theater - Jenkintown, PA
And her equally as awesome neighbor – the big GE General Electric neon sign at Jenkintown Electric just next door!
Jenkintown Electric Appliances - Jenkintown PA
Hard to tell from my photos, but here’s a photo from my pal Jeremy that shows how close they are.

So here’s a funny bit – Mod B usually rides solo on Retro Roadmap adventures, or with Retro Roadhusband, but this was pal HP’s first foray into Retro Roadmapping. One minute I’m babbling on about adaptive reuse, or having to get new glasses, or something random and then BOOM! “Squirrel!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I spy, almost totally obscured from our angle by a Burger King sign, a possible Retro Roadmap site. A quick turn of the corner, head down a narrow alley the wrong way into a parking lot and I Was Right! MY Mod B senses did not let me down! Though I’m sure HP was not used to the immediate detouring that I’m so used to doing 🙂
Weinrich's Bakery Vintage Sign - Willow Grove, PA
This fab family owned bakery will soon make her appearance on Retro Roadmap. Score!

Vintage 7up Decal - Back

This vintage decal was in a store I happened to pop into. You never know what you’ll find unless you look.

Remember – you never know what you’ll see if you look with fresh eyes – so Fresh Up your eyes and see what is Retro Roadmap worthy around YOU!