More Photos Fewer Words = More Authentic Vintage Places on The Site [Getting the Word Out Sooner!]

Gang – Mod Betty here, thinkin away.

I’ve always been a photo gal more than a word gal (and I bet some of you are saying, “no duh! We’ve read your writing…sheeesh!”)
While I’ve forever loved sharing these cool vintage places, signs, experiences, music etc it has often been a challenge for me to put those feelings into words – easily or quickly. I’ve even struggled with trying to remember the word Inarticulate I’m that bad! 

This battle with the word parts/writing, and the time consuming nature of it, causes me to lag and drag and not get places onto the website for you to discover as quickly as I’d like. That bums me out and I beat myself up about it often.

This is no fair to you all, who I hope are considering Retro Roadmap to be a resource for finding out about places to visit, but also kinda no fair to the places, who if people knew about them, might get more business.

This has been something I’ve been trying to improve  for a long time, but now I’m going to try a new way for me to get the word out quicker  on the website:

More photos, fewer words

Here’s how I hope it will help:

  • You’ll know that the place is Retro Roadmap worthy by the fact that I’ve put it the photos Retro Roadmap, so it will still be a trusted resource
  • You’ll see what I thought was cool about the place via the photos, and what you might find cool too!
  • You’ll still be able to discover it on the map on the website – just sooner!
  • You’ll have even more authentic vintage places to choose from when you’re traveling or ‘sploring!
  • Cool Vintage Places will get more of you to visit them, which is always a nice thing!

It’s not like there won’t be ANY words  – just fewer. And I won’t let the lack of verbiage stop me from getting a place onto Retro Roadmap sooner rather than later!

This idea really hit home when I heard that the Harris Diner in East Orange NJ was devastated by a fire last night, after being around for 60 years.

We had our first visit there a few months ago, and while I posted 1 photo to Instagram, I never got the time to write about it.

Harris Diner East Orange NJ November 2014

That diner is now gone forever, and while people visiting there would not have stopped the fire, maybe you all could’ve experienced what a great place it was before this tragedy.

Harris Diner East Orange NJ November 2014

Thanks for  understanding where I’m coming from with this and hopefully continue digging what I’m doing. As I’ve always said, it’s a labor of love for this mod Betty, and I will continue to to the best I can with the time and resources I have.


Mod B

PS  Even if I am not writing, I am always thinking about and doing things to make Retro Roadmap the best it can be –  working on the backlog, or videos, Meetups, or website improvements, or photo editing, or all of the other hats I wear. I know this sounds like excuses, but there are only so many hours in the day, and don’t worry, this is what I see every time I sit down at my computer.

She Who Really Wants To Do Something Finds a Way. She Who Doesn't, Finds an Excuse


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  • Grant Goggans
    March 13, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Here’s timely for you. We lost the 99 year-old Nu-Way Weiners in Macon GA to a fire just this morning. 🙁

    • Mod Betty /
      March 13, 2015 at 11:04 am

      Aw Grant, that is heartbreaking! I often anthropomorphise Retro Roadmap worthy places, and equate them to folks getting old, and it’s all down to quality of life and right to decide what is best for them. But when things like fire are involved it’s like an unexpected death. 🙁

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