[CLOSED] Du-par’s “Pie In The Sky – All Night Long!” in Studio City, CA

It’s 2am. You just walked out of one of Hollywood’s many rock clubs. And you want pancakes. Make that, you NEED pancakes. What do you do? What do you do?!!!

Well if you are like me you drive directly down Ventura Blvd to Du-par’s in Studio City.

Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap

Since 1938 Dupars restaurant and bakery has been the go to joint for Hollywood hipsters and elderly early-bird special lovers alike.

With deep brown leather booths, a welcoming counter and a diverse menu of delicious American comfort food choices, you may think you’ve died and gone to heaven – or at least to your favorite diner diner back in New Jersey. Du-par’s is at it’s heart a diner.
Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap
The original location is inside The Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax . While it offers a similar bill of fare, it has a more touristy vibe and isn’t open 24/7. The Studio City location is open twenty-four hours a day, serving breakfast anytime. And there is nothing better than pancakes at 2am. Big. Fluffy. Pancakes. Yum!

Truth be told is in the dozen plus times I’ve visited Du-pars I have never had a bad meal. From the turkey club to the meatloaf, everything is perfect.
Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap
The place is also a top notch bakery with a pile of pie in the front window and glass counter that taunt even the most staunch of dieters. During my recent brunch there with rocker Gunnar Nelson, (Yup, one of the blonde twin sons of Ricky Nelson) and his lovely wife, I had the best blueberry muffin I have EVER had.

Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap
And trust me in forty-seven years of life, I have had a lot of muffins. The berries were so fresh I would have sworn they were just pushed into my fresh baked treat seconds before it was delivered to my table.

Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap

At Gunnar’s suggestion, I also ordered the Crème Brulee oatmeal. It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it. I was going to take an after photo of the empty bowl, but that seemed cruel. At the close of our meal Gunnar wife ordered the cherry pie. The moans of joy coming across the table made me think something else was going on. But nope. The pies was just that good.
Du-Par's Keith Valcourt for Retro Roadmap

If star sightings are your thing (aren’t they everyone’s?) then a visit to Dupar’s should be on your must do list. Besides my recent brunch there with rocker Nelson, I have also spotted Wayne Knight of “Seinfield” and “Jurassic Park” fame and former Journey lead singer Steve Perry there during past visits.

For the best breakfast (lunch and dinner) anytime you gotta try Du-pars. Your stomach will thank you.

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  • Leisa
    June 5, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Du-par’s brownies… Could feed an army on just one of those humungous chocolatey treats. A holiday in LA is not complete without a visit to Du-par’s.

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