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Turn Up The Fun! Retro Roadmap Video Debut [Theme Song – Sing Along!]

Posted on: June 16, 2016

It’s the latest Retro Roadmap video!

Did you know that the Retro Roadmap video actually has words? Yes! It is a full fledged awesome poppy song written, played and recorded by Cliff Hillis (you folks know him as  Retro Roadhusband ;-))

As soon as you hear it you’ll be signing along – and want to get out on the road and Turn Up The Fun this summer!

If you like what you hear there’s more music on his website – click and enjoy:

And if you haven’t watched,liked,commented and shared all of the Retro Roadmap videos, they’re here at the Retro Roadmap Youtube Page – spread the good word about cool authentic vintage places and retro fun!