RIP: The Best Preserved Bowling Lanes Mod Betty Has Ever Seen




Mod Betty has scouted a lot of bowling alleys for Retro Roadmap, and so far, one of the very best preserved and maintained bowling lanes she’s EVER SEEN is the Colonial Bowling Center in Worcester Mass.

You couldn’t tell this from plain brick facade and New England conservative colonial style entrance…

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA - Retro RoadmapBut once you enter the building it feels like you’ve stepped back in time 50+ years.


Colonial Bowling Center Candlepin Worcester MA Retro Roadmap

Colonial Bowl was opened in 1960 by Nick Andreson when he was in his mid-30s years old (math? he’s in his 90s now!) He still owns the building and business. It is his attention to detail that has kept the lanes and decor so well preserved, according to Paul Wambach who we chatted with just as they were closing for the day.

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA - Retro Roadmap

This is the only bowling alley left in Worcester, which is crazy considering Candlepin Bowling Was Invented Here! Our Retro Roadmap leopard print pillbox hat goes off to Mr. Andresen for keeping this place just the way we like it. Clean, well kept, vintage. Why change it? Everything still works and looks great!

Can’t you just imagine Don Draper taking his kids here, leaving them to bowl all by themselves and then go sit here smoking, looking out the window for someone else’s wife to arrive for an assignation? (Note: 2017 no smoking allowed!)

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA Retro Roadmap

Speaking of kids, this isn’t a conference room for tiny people, but a party room for birthday parties! Retro Roadhusband for scale 🙂

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA - Retro Roadmap

Scoring with pencil and paper, rotary telephones, old fashioned cash register. Love this place!

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA - Retro Roadmap

Go now and experience it for yourselves!

Colonial Bowling Center Worcester MA - Retro Roadmap

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  • Changes in Longitude
    February 1, 2017 at 7:42 am

    It’s worth going there for the paper scoring alone. At lanes with automatic scoring you can’t toss a few practice balls before your game.

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