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Retro Roadmap in the Philadelphia Inquirer! [Good News]

Posted on: June 3, 2018

Retro Roadmappers!

Retro Roadmap is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday Travel Section – how exciting!
Philadelphia Inquirer Retro Roadmap June 2018 Mod Betty

You can read the article here on (and please leave a nice comment, so all of their readers discover how much fun it is to discover and visit cool vintage places and retro fun!)

Or if you’re in the Philadelphia area and get the Sunday Paper you can read it there.

Or, if your eyes are real good, you can probably read it in the photo above!

Better yet, here’s a nice high res version that might be easier on the eyes 🙂

Retro Roadmap in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer! June 3 2018

I’m excited to have a real print copy to send to my mum, so she can hang it on the fridge 🙂

Super swell thanks go to Michael and Larissa Milne, who wrote the article. They’re “Digital Nomads” (sounds like fun!) and creators of Changes In Longitude website, featuring their travel writings as they travel the globe.