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Bagdad Theatre Portland Oregon – Viewing at a Vintage Venue!

Posted on: January 19, 2017

The Bagdad is one of the many vintage theatres in Portland OR, (lucky town) and lucky enough to be part of the McMenamin family of destinations done right (lucky theatre!)

Bagdad Theatre - Portland OR Oregon Retro Roadmap

Built in 1927, you can’t miss its Middle Eastern inspired marquee when you’re in the Hawthorne neighborhood.

Originally a movie house/vaudeville stage, the Bagdad is owned by McMenamins, who have a soft spot in Mod Betty’s heart for treasuring and reinventing some of the great architectural places in Portland and environs, so modern folks can enjoy them.

Bagdad Theatre - Portland OR Oregon Retro Roadmap

For example, at the Bagdad, they’ve expanded the screen size, improved the sound and projection system, replaced the seats with comfy rocker chairs. Not just popcorn, but beer, gourmet pizza and other food items are available while you watch your movie.