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Giant Fez! Dallas, PA Photo Op Stop Irem Country Club's Eye-catching Sign

Posted on: February 16, 2016

  • Giant Fez: Dallas, Pennsylvania
  • address: 148 Irem Rd, Dallas, PA 18612

Mod Betty was thinking of this big fez today when she was caught in a rainstorm –
wouldn’t an umbrella shaped like a giant fez be a hoot?! 

If you saw a giant fez on the side of the road, wouldn’t YOU want to pull over and pose underneath it with your pal? If you have a fun pal like Mod Betty’s friend Susan – renown carousel horse restorer, ukulele player and vintage film aficionado – you do!

Giant Fez - Irem Country Club Dallas Pennsylvania

And now you CAN have the opportunity to get your own photo with this Fez, because Mod Betty is letting you know where this humungus hat is!

Dallas. Not Texas. Pennsylvania!

Yes, Dallas Pennsylvania.

It is the noteworthy sign for the Irem Country Club. The sign is located in the median on Route 309 just near where it intersects with Irem Road. (As if you couldn’t figure it out, this is a Shriner’s organization ;-))

Be careful crossing the street and don’t forget to share your photo of you at the fez with Mod Betty – I’ll post it here on Retro Roadmap!