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Hicksville Sweet Shop – Long Island Ice Cream and Lunch Since 1925 Luncheonette? Ice Cream? Mod Betty heaven!

Posted on: January 10, 2017

Ever the fan of anything named Luncheon, Luncheonette, Lunch, Soda Fountain or Candy Shop, Retro Roadhusband and I made a quick stop at the Hicksville Sweet Shop in Long Island before seeing Mod Betty’s fave Sergio Mendes just down the road.

Even if we did not know the Sweet Shop was there, we would’ve pulled over immediately for that great neon sign. I mean Who Doesn’t Love a Neon Sign Like That! The green neon script Luncheonette is about the happiest thing I’ve seen in awhile!

Hicksville Sweet Shop Long Island - Retro Roadmap

While we were able to park in a street spot out front, we later learned of the parking lot out back.

Open since 1925, this luncheonette has been owned by Phillip and Eva Zouros since 1974. We were lucky enough to chat with Eva during our quick visit, and she was proud to let us know that their ice cream is all homemade, and that they also make chocolates for the holidays. We were a little too early for their Valentines Day chocolates,  but here are the cute turkeys they make via the Hicksville Sweet Shop Facebook page (“Like” them while you’re there!)

Hicksville Sweet Shop Chocolates - Hicksville NY

They also make chocolates for all of the other sweet holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter

While the interior has been updated since they opened in the 1920s, they still retain their counter seating with spinning stools, always a good sign in Mod Betty’s book. Since the shop wasn’t too crowded during our visit we opted for a booth.

Hicksville Sweet Shop Long Island - Retro Roadmap

Technically we were meeting pals for dinner not too soon after this visit, but that never stops Retro Roadhusband from ordering a meal. No, much to my disappointment he did not get the cream cheese and olive sandwich listed on the luncheon board, but opted for a burger instead. He reports it was delish.

Hicksville Sweet Shop Long Island - Retro Roadmap

Mod B on the other hand can always find room for ice cream – you know, research and all. Especially when it is homemade! Though not a coffee drinker in real life, coffee ice cream is her fave flavor (I never claimed to make sense.) And who doesn’t love a “side order” of chocolate sprinkles? That way you can distribute them throughout the ice cream instead of losing them all to the top layer.

Hicksville Sweet Shop Long Island - Retro Roadmap

I’m sure it was apparent that we were out of towners, and Mod Betty snapping photos after our meal sealed the deal. However the service was super friendly to us and to all of the locals that came in during our visit. As with most mom n pops they are cash only.

Small World!

After our visit we posted a quick photo to Instagram, and were delighted to learn that our internet pals Rob and Monica from Our Adventure Amongst The Ducks are fans of the Hicksville Sweet Shop as well, visiting there for Rob’s birthday, as he used to go there with his grandmother. Click here to read about their visit and see more interior photos of the Sweet Shop.

Places like this aren’t opening up anymore, so any time we can, we stop by regardless of our dinner plans. So glad we did!

Hicksville Sweet Shop Long Island - Retro Roadmap


Though we were told by our dinner pals that this neon sign is advertising a “No-Tell Motel” with Theme Rooms (!!)I was so smitten by the font in the word Edgewood that I made Retro Roadhusband pull into the dubious driveway so I could snap a photo. Almost got run over, but hey, isn’t that what I do for you, my dear readers?

Vintge Neon Sign - Jericho NY - Edgewood Motel

Enjoy the sign, but in no way recommending it for a stay!