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Roseland Apizza – since 1935 – Derby CT Classic Connecticut Pizza Joint

Posted on: February 18, 2016

On a somber note- as I was prepping to share this classic Connecticut pizza place with you I was saddened to learn of the passing of their matriarch and co-founder Lina S. Lucarelli (her father opened the restaurant in 1935). There is a touching tribute to her posted to the Roseland Apizza Facebook page and our hearts go out to them during this hard time.

Roseland Apizza Derby Connecticut, Retro Roadmap

Roseland Apizza is a small family run “apizza aplace” (as Mod Betty likes to call them) in Derby Connecticut and one of the oldest in the state, having opened in 1935. (For those keeping track, Frank Pepe opened in 1925 and Sally’s in 1938.)

Roseland Apizza Derby Connecticut, Retro Roadmap

Opened by John Scatolini and run for years by his daughter Lina, this humble establishment located in a mostly residential section of town has a loyal local following. But they have also been written up in national publications because of their pizza and Italian fare. (Full disclosure – Mod Betty heard about them from her dog-eared, well used copy of Roadfood the book.)

Their casual charm feels as if you are eating in someone’s kitchen, with mismatched plates and informal service. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea (especially with the price points of some of the meals) we loved it.

Roseland Apizza Derby Connecticut, Retro Roadmap

I think my neighbors The Bradys had these plates when I was growing up!

There is a huge chalkboard posted with a barrage of specials, from homemade pasta to salads and more, but being fans of the crackly crust and tangy sauce of Connecticut Apizza we ordered our now standard sausage pie – with mushrooms this time (though the seafood pizza the couple at the table across from us looked mighty tempting – I came “thisclose” to seeing if they’d sell a slice of their leftovers to us! )

Roseland Apizza Derby Connecticut, Retro Roadmap
Anyone familiar with the “Fitness dog meme” will know just from looking at this photo that Retro Roadhusband was planning on “fitness whole pizza in his mouth” but I was ready to do battle with him for my half of that pie.

Another regional treat to note is that they serve Foxon Park soda, and have it in “To Go” bottles in the back pizza pickup area. So take some to go and savor these great regional tastes while you can!