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Saville’s Diner, Boyertown PA – Don’t Judge A Book, This Place Is Great! "Looks-ist" Mod Betty Learns a Lesson!

Posted on: April 7, 2017

Mod Betty hangs her head in shame, in realizing a Beauty and the Beast moment recently.

You see, she’s guilty of being a “Looks-ist”* dismissing Saville’s Diner as “not my kinda diner” when driving by the pebble-surfaced beige box of a restaurant just off 100 in Boyertown, PA. Boy was I wrong!

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

Can you see why I might’ve dismissed this place? My bad!

She should’ve remembered the old adage “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s (stuccoed, generic) Cover” because inside this crunchy shell, a pristine 1960s diner is preserved, replete with aqua colored cantilevered counter stools, wagon wheel lights, and oh, that shiny copper hood!

Trust me when I say that this diner is worth the detour, despite the plain exterior.
Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro RoadmapEstablished by Jonas and Dolores Saville in 1962 (October 22, according to the menu) the diner you sit in today is a replacement of the one they started with. This 1961 Swingle diner was originally the Colonial Diner from East Brunswick, NJ and replaced the original Saville’s diner in 1968 (hence the letter C for Colonial embedded in the terrazzo floor near the center of the diner proper.)

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

Interesting interior note” It appears that these seats have been updated in the last 5 years, as photos from this post in 2012 show different seats!

The dining room was added and exterior renovations were done in 1977.

Today the diner is owned and operated by the Saville’s daughter Rita, who has maintained much of the vintage charm that draws Mod B to this eatery. She’s also responsible for many of the decorative touches that change throughout the seasons.

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Retro Roadmap

It was Snowman-a-rama when I first visited, but I’ve been told to stop by at Halloween, as there is scary decor and pumpkins galore.

The menu is chockablock full of modestly priced diner staples, with breakfast served all day and daily lunch and dinner specials.

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro RoadmapFor those of us with more dainty appetites many of the entrees and platters come in a “Child’s” portion, but I’ve been assured they are for folks of all ages.

Or you can just order a slice of pie – Mod Betty style!

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

NOM! So good!

Mod B is absolutely addicted to their homemade pies (Graham cracker cream – swoon!) but they are also famous for their oversized eclairs.

Vintage vibe bonus? The waitresses still wear crisp white uniforms, and the checkout counter has a candy display reminiscent of those at ye olde Howard Johnson’s.

Saville's Diner Boyertown PA - Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

While you could amuse yourself counting all the “Don’ts” posted (They don’t use credit cards / If you order it you pay for it / there WILL be a charge for extras) instead focus on what they do have, which is a wonderfully preserved diner, with tasty reasonably priced food and friendly service. Mea culpa for not seeing the beauty within! But now that I’ve seen it, I’m so happy to spread the word!


** Mod Betty totally recognizes she’s still a Looks-ist since if the interior was not as vintagely charming as it is she would not be writing about this diner. But as you know, she never claimed to make sense! And Retro Roadmap is all about authentic vintage charm that we want to make sure doesn’t get thrown out or stuccoed over in the name of updating. So remember to swoon over the interior like Mod B does!