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Tony’s Baltimore Grill Restaurant and Bar – Atlantic City NJ Atlantic City, NJ Mod Betty Fave

Posted on: March 9, 2011

2018 Update: OK so there HAVE been a few minor changes at Tony’s – nothing to hopefully get too stressed about, but if they know what is what, they’ll be wise enough to not change too much of the authentic vintage charm that keeps so many of us coming back, year after year. Like Mod Betty, and oh, I don’t know, maybe Emily Schultz from Bon Appetit?

Tony's Baltimore Grill Atlantic City Retro Roadmap 2018

The floors in the dining room have been replaced with something brighter, the booths are new yet look like the old ones, some artwork has been taken down and put back up.  Sadly that grand piano Рalways signaling the possibility of someone sliding behind the keyboard, is gone, leaving a big gaping hole near the front windows.

Tony's Baltimore Grill Atlantic City Retro Roadmap 2018

But the pizza is still delish, the service friendly and they still have the wall box juke boxes. My only recommend is that they introduce some more 40’s 50’s 60’s heck even 70’s music to the mix, as it is a little out of step with the rest of the cool ambiance here.

With so much changing in AC it is a relief to walk into Tony’s – it;’s a bit like coming home home, even if you’re not Italian.

2016 update:

Mod B and Retro Roadhubs made a B-line for Tony’s after we saw Brenda Lee in AC and happy to see that not much has changed.

Tony's Baltimore Grill - Atlantic City 2016 Retro Roadmap

Though our waitress clued us into a change of ownership, we’re hoping that they realize what a treasure they have at Tony’s and that they¬†don’t mess with success.

Tony's Baltimore Grill - Atlantic City 2016 Retro Roadmap

Also – our visit to Tony’s will forever be remembered as it was the image I used on our Christmas card this year!

Tony's Baltimore Grill - Atlantic City 2016 Retro Roadmap

Our original 2011 visit:

Speaking of vintage Italian restaurants – Tony’s Baltimore Grill in Atlantic City New Jersey is an authentic old time AC eatery, located just a block from the famous boardwalk.

Tony's Baltimore Grill Atlantic City, NJ

There are 2 entrances- one on the corner that leads directly to the bar, another into the wonderfully in-tact retro dining room. Either way you’re told to sit anywhere you like, by one of the seasoned waitresses.

Bask in the Glow of Red Neon

We opted for the dining room, which at the time of night we were there wasn’t packed, but did have a decent stream of folks coming in out of this freezing cold windy evening for some warm pasta, pizza and throwback ambiance.

If you’ve spent more than a minute inside one of the many boardwalk casinos, with their recycled air and shopping mall vibe, you will appreciate the authentic feel of a place that has been here long before the giant buildings took over the seashore. And as you can see, they cater to the late night crowd.

HoursOpen for over 70 years, you could almost envision the Rat Pack sitting at one of the booths. (Alas the music on the jukeboxes did not live up to my swingin’ sounds expectation).

Tony's Dining RoomLike the front sign says “Spaghetti Pizza” and we said YES! I got the pizza, Retro Roadhusband got the spaghetti and meatballs and we both split a “Large Salad Bowl”. As well as a couple of affordable beers!

The pizza crust was definitely fluffier than the thin crust pies that are my fave, but this pizza was still good. RRH dug his spaghetti tho the meatballs are on the mushy side, however I informed him that I read they’ve been that way for years.

Tony's Grill PizzaI thought it was ironic that some of the casino hotels and restaurants give that old time vibe (thinking of The Continental, etc) but right here, in the shadow of these behemoths, the real deal lives on.

You Go, Little Guy!