[CLOSED] Big Orange Dinosaur Guards Route 1 Mini Golf Saugus MA

2016 Update: We had one more unexpected season, but sadly this place has been demolished to make way for retail and condos. We’ll follow the fate of our beloved orange dino and keep you in the loop! 

If you want to play miniature golf on Route 1 in Saugus, MA be on the lookout!Route 1 Icon at Mini Golf

Driving  south on Route 1 in Saugus keep your eyes peeled from a distance, because if you’ve passed this roadside icon you will have to loop around to be able to fully appreciate the retro wonderfulness of Route 1 Miniature Golf and Dairy Castle. And this place is worth the loop!

Welcome To Route 1 Mini Golf

Would you be at all surprised that the giant orange dinosaur is somewhat of a landmark on Route 1? Along with the giant cacti of The Hilltop Steakhouse, Kowloon and the Prince Spaghetti House, it pretty much exemplifies the glorious oversized era of Route 1 tackiness. Heck, even the web address for this place is theorangedinosaur.com!

Owned and operated since 1958 by the Fay family, the mini golf course is a classic course with many of the fun moving obstacles that keep the game interesting, including a  rotating rocket ship, wishing well and windmill that have been there since the place opened.

There are lions, tigers, more dinosaurs, hippos and more fun things- like this Humpty Dumpty with a bit of an attitude.

Humpty Dumpty Rout 1 Mini Golf

This was Retro Roadboy’s first time playing miniature golf, and what better place to start than this!

Route 1 Mini Golf In Action

The Dairy Castle serves hard or soft ice cream and is a great place to celebrate after a long day on the links. The sign is extra sassy at night, when the bulbs on the arrow create a chasing effect (You’ll just have to imagine it until I can get back there and shoot some video!)

Route 1 Mini Golf Sign

Looks like a dream date to me!

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