My Birthday, Retro Roadmap Style!

It happens to everyone and today it happens to me – it’s my birthday 🙂Happy Birthday That doesn’t mean I won’t be working hard to bring interesting stories and content to Retro Roadmap, oh no!

Here’s what I have up my vintage sleeve:

The Algonquin Hotel– As posted earlier in the year, I have a fondness for Dorothy Parker and her round table antics. Courtesy of some gracious friends of ours, Retro Roadhusband and I will be staying at the Algonquin tonight in New York City.

Bill’s Gay Nineties– Originally a speakeasy in 1924, this NYC landmark was on my map, and when it was recommended to me by RetromanNYC, well I knew it was the place for us to dine this evening. Interesting to think that in 1920, the 1890’s was their version of “retro”….

Irving Fields – Legendary pianist Irving “Bagels and Bongos” Fields  just turned 94 this week, so we’re going to raise a glass to him as he plays at Nino’s Tuscany. He plays 6 nights a week, you go Irv!

Canobie Lake Park–  Quite a switch from cosmopolitan New York City, Saturday we’re heading north to a great family amusement park that’s been around for over 100 years. The Retro Roadkids will have a field day, and I am excited to introduce them to the wonders of this place.

Celebrate my birthday along with me! Go do some Retro Roadmapping of your own and share your finds!

XO, Mod Betty, birthday girl

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