Month: October 2009

Oct 31
Hey Larry! Another Abandoned Lunchonette – UPDATE!

Driving down Route 113 in Ellendale Delaware I caught a glimpse of stainless steel and…

Oct 30
Calling All Retro Roadmap Sleuths! Mystery “Dad Men” Slides

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of content this week,  I’ve actually been busy…

Oct 27
I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

Unlike Hank Snow or Johnny Cash, I haven’t been everywhere, man. But if I had…

Oct 14
Retro Roadmap Worthy – Americana in Focus

Thanks to our pals over at RoadsideOnline I was able to watch the video about…

Oct 11
[CLOSED] Mel-Dor Vintage Motel Sign Bechtelsville PA

2011 Sad to report it’s not there anymore!   It must’ve been the time…

Oct 08
Weekend Preview

Gentle readers- I realized today that while I’m the champion of many things…

Oct 07
[CLOSED] Mommalicious – A Fave Vintage Shop!

2017 UPDATE: The gals at Mommalicious have moved on to other places, and this location…

Oct 05
Skip’s Burgers Closed for Season

Just got word via their Facebook page that Skips in Merrimac Ma, home of great burgers…


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