Franklin Fountain – Some Sweet Vintage Candy News!

You may remember Franklin Fountain here in Philadelphia from the post I did over the holidays about their Clear Toy Candy and I know I’m due to visit them for some of their tasty home made ice cream now that the warm weather has finally arrived. Well I just learned of a couple of developments about this sweet spot that I wanted to share, both related to vintage candy!

toy-candy-franklin-fountain-frog-bicycle-retro-roadmap(for the uninitiated, that is a frog riding a penny farthing bike, made of clear delicious sugar!)

1. If you tune in quick tonight you’ll see the staff of Franklin Fountain make clear toy candy on The Food Network’s “Unwrapped” tonight at 11:30!!! I found this out on the Franklin Fountain Facebook Page, where I also learned that some other TV foodies have visited FF recently. Become a friend of theirs and you too can keep up on their latest news.

2. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer it looks like the brothers that own Franklin Fountain are extending their reach down the block and have purchased the oldest candy store in Philadelphia, Shane Candies. This vintage sweet shop had been on my Retro Roadmap Philly list, and I just know with the attention to detail and dedication to authenticity, they will brush the dust off of this gem of a place and do its history proud.

And for both of these bits of sweet news, we share the Victory Mix, which I snapped a photo of in the Shane Candy window long before Retro Roadmap. Enjoy!

victory mix

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