Plastic Pink Flamingos Return to Their Massachusetts Roost!

The production of the original Don Featherstone plastic pink flamingo is coming back to roost in Central Massachusetts, reports Glen Wells of the RoadsideFans Yahoo Group. I love these wonderfully colorful and tacky representations of suburban kitsch and proudly display my flamingos Chuck and Fifi each spring and summer at the Hacienda.

Chuck and Fifi - Featherstone Flamingoes

According to an article in Plastics News about the pink plastic flamingos, the Featherstone flamingos (named for the original designer of the classic bright pink bird, Don Featherstone) which were originally produced in Leominster MA, will now be produced in the neighboring town of Fitchburg (which had a number of classic diners in it, last time I visited).

I will always have an extra special place in my heart for the Featherstone Pink Plastic Flamingo as it was the mascot of the college radio station I worked at back in the day – click the photo below to see our “made for local cable TV spot, featuring a number of punk rock flamingos:


The new company will also be producing some of the watering cans and bird baths that the original company Union Products produced. I am pleased to be an owner of one of these watering cans, that I saw in a grocery store a few years ago and knew immediately from their color and look that they were relatives of the flamingo.

Drake's Elephant

Hooray for fun and kitsch in your own home, your radio station, or in other folks yards, brightening your day as you drive past!

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  • Lizzie
    May 30, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    What fantastic news. It’s great to hear of an old business re-opening, rather than closing. I *must* have one of those watering cans!

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