Introducing Retro Road State Maps!

Good news for those of us who love vintage retro and cool old places! The original Retro Roadmap has now become so chock full of vintage goodness that you can no longer view all entries on one map. This means we’ve got a lot of good content, and plenty of great places to visit and support.

Retro Roadmap Magnets!

In order to make sure that Retro Road Fans are able to see all of the entries for an area in one glance I am in the process of creating a Retro Roadmap for each state. It’s easy to view multiple maps at the same time for road trip planning and this will also help me organize all of these great old places more easily.

This is a work in progress, so if you experience anything wonky please let me know, I’ll put on my IT hat and do my best to fix it!

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