[CLOSED] Glass Insulator House – Pomona NJ A New Jersey Road Trip Find

2017 Update: Sad to report that Stanley passed away in 2012, and folks are slowly removing the glass insulators from the house. Thanks to the swell folks at Roadside America for keeping us up-to-date with their March 2017 visit – click the below link to read:

Stanley Hammell’s Insulator Forest –  Roadside America 2017 Update


Original 2010 Post:

To continue my rambling about the unexpected roadside treasures I discovered in New Jersey, I bring you this photo, of a house I found just around the corner from the At The Hop diner. As you can see it is very well insulated (wokka wokka wokka!)

Glass Insulator House - Well Insulated!

This snapshot taken from the side of  W Jimmie Leeds Rd, in Pomona NJ represents just a teeny amount of vintage glass insulators that have been carefully displayed outside of the home of Stanley Hammel (thanks to the informative post from Weird New Jersey with their post on the glass insulator house for that tidbit and some additional information about this random discovery. It appeared as if no one was home when I happened by,  and I’m just not the type to knock on the door and say hey what’s up with the insulators?

But what is a glass insulator, ask the young’uns of the group? Well, back in the day these glass gems were used to separate the wires from the telegraph poles. Now that they aren’t used anymore, folks have started collecting them.

Glass Insulator

“Most of Stanley’s collection has been gathered from walking along old railroad tracks, and poking around the fallen telegraph poles that once networked our 19th Century communications.” say the folks at Weird New Jersey.

You just can’t imagine how many insulators Stanley has amassed since he started collecting them 15 years ago when he retired. Arranged on all 3 sides of his house, within his property, lining his driveway and beyond. He keeps the really nice ones inside his house.

I want to thank Mr. Stanly Hammel for sharing his collection with all of us folks driving down this road – making us do a double take, turn around and marvel at this homemade roadside attraction!

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