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Abandoned Vintage New Jersey Diners – A Cautionary Tale

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Thanks to Diner Man Spencer Stewart and his blog Diner Hunter for sharing this great post from Kevin Patrick about the neglected / closed / abandoned vintage diners of New Jersey.

mac-diner-new-brunswick-nj-kevin-fitzpatrick-retro-roadmapUsing the same Preservation New Jersey list of the top 10 endangered historic sites that I did as inspiration for my New Jersey diner photo exnibit currently in Wildwood, he shows the other side of the coin, and what can happen to these great places if they aren’t given the love and support they need. Take heed peoples!

Check out Kevin’s post and list of the top 10 endangered diners in New Jersey which are no longer open as well as the ones that are getting close to that point. One look at his great photos show that these places are definitely worth a chance at saving and reopening.Thanks Kevin for such a detailed well thought out piece, and for allowing me to spread the word about these places here on Retro Roadmap.

If I win the lottery, I’ll take care of all of these sadly neglected places that need some love and appreciation. Just like all the puppies at the pet store!