Retro Roadmap Photo Archives- Do These Places Look Familiar To You?

I’m in the process of uploading quite a few photos that I took YEARS AGO to the Retro Roadmap Photo Archive on Flickr and am kicking myself for not taking better notes back in the late 1980’s early 90’s when I did take them. Can you help out?

Mister Donut Sign Near Gardner Fitchburg MA 1987-90

Like this way cool vintage Mobil gas station – I can picture where it was on the road in my head, but for the life of me I can’t remember if it was near Weirs Beach NH or Old Orchard Beach ME!

Mobil Gas Station 198? Maine or New Hampshire 1

If any of the photos in the RetroRoadmap Photo Archives collection ring a bell with you and you have any info or memories associated with them, please leave the info in the comments below, or if you’re a Flickr user, at the actual page. Hope everyone enjoys this walk down memory lane!

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  • Mod Betty
    August 22, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    We received an email about the Flash in The Pan Diner – part of the Retro Roadmap Archives, and I just wanted to share:

    “I came across your pictures of the Flash in The Pan Diner on Flickr. Iwas thrilled to see that someone has pictures of the old Diner. My aunt actually bougt the original Diner new from Mountainview Diners in NJ back in 1950 and operated it as the Danvers Diner up by the Village Green restaurant. My father took over the Diner from her in the 1960’s and moved it into the “hollow” down the hill from the Village Green. He sold it in teh 70’s and it became the 8 sons diner before being sold again and opened as the Flash in The pan. I spent many a day working in the old Danvers Diner for my folks and a couple of years ago my wife and I opened a Diner in Groveland Mass. While it is not in a traditional Diner building, it is certainly traditional in the atmosphere and character.

    Mike Conley
    Groveland Diner
    Great Food, Great Service, Great Value….The way it used to be.!/grovelanddiner

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