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Blogging Brings People Together – Just Ask Mod Betty!

Posted on: December 26, 2012

If ever anyone says that the internet is making people more reclusive and isolated, all they need to do to see the other side of that coin is to check out our adventures this past year. As a somewhat shy introvert Mod Betty is here to tell you – it’s amazing what a few emails back and forth will produce – new friends and compatriots all over the place. – making it a smaller cooler world for all!

Here are just some of the swell folks we met this year, simply because of Retro Roadmap – blogging, Twitter, Facebook, email, it all helps people connect:

Rick Kilby of Old Florida

We met Rick Kilby down in Florida, when he was kind enough to be host-with-the-most, escorting us to the Monument of the States AND the Tupperware museum!

Rick Pointing to the Monument of StatesHe’s putting out a book in 2013 and is the mastermind behind the great FB page Old Florida. So nice to meet you Rick!

Charles Phoenix – Slideshow Host!

One of the BIG THRILLS of life for me in 2012 was to actually meet – in person – THE one and only Charles Phoenix!

UntitledMod Betty and Retro Roadhusband have been big fans of his books, slideshows and love of vintage Americana, and knew that the magic of Hollywood was on our side when he agreed to meet up with us at the Los Angeles Farmers Market. I can’t say enough about the swell time we had- from the personal tour of the market he gave us, to the chatting about blogging, to the advice to Mod B to get in front of the camera ;-)! Such a Retro Roadmap inspiration, we can’t wait to see Charles again!

Allee Willis – Kitschspirational!

Speaking of Inspirational, when the fabulously creative, kitschy and talented Allee Willis agreed to meet up with us on our trip out to Los Angeles, we were floored. And the fact that she invited us into her very own Willis Mansion was a dream come true!

Allee Willis! Love Her!

Again, Allee is an inspirational figure in Mod B’s life – from having the biggest collection of kitsch in the world, to being a hit songwriter, to hostessing fab parties, to having the confidence to pursue her creative ideas, Mod B genuflects at her purple naugahyde throne. If you see Mod B wearing lipstick so she wont look like a corpse, it’s all because of Allee Willis!

 Mr. Tiny of Wacky Tacky

Again on the west coast, meeting Mr. Tiny and his talented Sister Mary was a fab time- and the fact that we met in the soda fountain used in That Thing You Do made it even more memorable!

Wacky Tacky Retro Roadmap meetup 2012

Mr. T is a kindred spirit when it comes to Retro Americana and fun, traveling out of the way to appreciate the lighting fixtures and lunch counters in vintage bowling alleys, coffee shops and vintage businesses in Southern California. Both he and Mary – were absolute dolls to meet up with, and again, I consider myself a lucky gal to have been able to get to know them!

Fuzzie Lizzie the Vintage Traveler

Fuzzie Lizzie and I have been Retro Roamdap pen pals for the past few years, and she’s my go-to resource for vintage clothing history and info. So when we realized we were going to be close to her neck of the woods on our travels from Atlanta to PA, it was great to meet up with her in person!

Fuzzie Lizzie Vintage Traveler Mod Betty We shared a lunch of grilled pimento cheese and tomato sandwiches at a retro-inspired soda fountain in Brevard NC, a Retro Roadmap worthy town in itself!

The First Retro Roadmap Roundup!

As you can see, by this time of the year I had caught the bug, and knew how much fun it was to meet up with like-minded folks, so I organized the first – but not the last Retro Roadmap Roundup. Retro Roadmap readers and fellow bloggers alike invaded Sine’s 5 & 10 where we ate at the lunch counter and cash mobbed, while connecting and snapping photos.

Retro Roadmap Roundup Sines 2012

Thanks to Gunnar of Eccentric Roadside for this photo revealing our true blogger personalities!

Don’t we look great in the photo above? That’s Rachael from FuzzyGaloreWendy Vee from Roadside Wonders and Gunner J from Eccentric Roadside along with yours truly! A fun time was had by all, and look for more Retro Roadmap Roundups in 2013.

A.Panda’s Tiki Lounge

When we discovered a fellow tiki-phone and Shag art lover was living within an hour of Retro Roadmap HQ, we hopped in the Retro Roamdap mobile and met up with Andy Montero from A. Panda’s Tiki Lounge.

Andy Panda Montero Mod Betty Bethlehem PA 2012The mastermind behind bringing Mr. Ho’s 22 piece Esquivel inspired Orchestrotica to the Steelstacks of Bethlehem PA, Mod B was only too happy to bring out one of her vintage muu-muu’s to toast such an occasion! So glad to consider AP part of the Retro Roadmap ohana.


And how’s this one for a connection – Stacy of StacyVerb and I met through neighbors of ours, that she hasn’t even met yet!

Our swell pals knew we’d get along, so when we were in Atlanta, I gave her a buzz and she came to one of Retro Roadhusband’s gigs! Swell gal, that Stacy!

Stacy Estep Mod Betty Atlanta GA 2012

International Retro Roadpals!

2012 was the year Retro Roadmap went global, helping to plan Retro roadstops for both UK and Australian folks eager to experience the authentic American Roadside and all it’s glory!

We meet up with Claire from  The Doodologist and her US hostess Linda the Distracted Wanderer at Jimmy’s Lunch in Hazleton PA, and Mod Betty was glad to know she’s not the only blogger who can be reluctant to appear in front of the camera 🙂

Jimmys Lunch Hazleton PA

I was so happy that we were able to meet up with Claire and Linda, especially because we actually came to their rescue, when their traveling pal Jenn had an unexpected trip to the emergency room! We hustled our butts up north as quick as we could, and Retro Roadhusband saved the day by driving Jenn’s car to the safety of their motel!

A Retro Roadmap Roadtrip = International Engagement!

And while schedules didn’t allow us to actually meet up, I was tickled vintage pink to help out Australian pals Lee and Holly plan their USA Retro Roadtrip. And now I can let the cat out of the bag – THEY GOT ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED while on their cross country journey across the US!

Lee-Holly-Australia-RetroRoadmap I was so excited to help plan some of the Retro Roadmap worthy stops for Lee and Holly, and cheered when I heard that the engagement went off without a hitch. Best of luck to them both, and I hope we get to meet up officially someday, someway!

Marshall Crenshaw!

And speaking of Someday, Someway- if it weren’t for Mod Betty wanting to check out what breakfast was like at the Polish Club here in town, we never would have had breakfast with our fave songwriter Marshall Crenshaw!

Marshall Crenshaw Cliff Hillis Mod Betty 2012

I was a bit mortified when I learned that Retro Roadhusband (who had opened for Marshall at his gig here in town) had invited MC to come to breakfast with us, since it wasn’t a fancy place. But Marshall insisted he was intrigued by the notion, and shared eggs and scrapple (RRH ordered it of course) with us at the local Polish-American Club. Gotta love the excuse to dine with the famous!

We’ve made more connections and friends than we ever would have imagined this past year, and look forward to even more meetups, roundups, gatherings, breakfasts, connections, and community building in the year to come! And it’s all thanks to blogging, social media, and Retro Roadmap!

Edited to add: Ever since I wrote this post I’ve had this song going through my head – because I think it’s so groovy now that people are finally getting together 🙂

9 responses to "Blogging Brings People Together – Just Ask Mod Betty!"

  1. rae Dec 26, 2012 at 12:31

    how fun! I love meeting blog friends in real life. it has always been great because you feel like you already know each other!
    I’m dying a little over the that thing you do soda foutain! I need to go there, and hopefully meet the amazing mr. tiny while i’m at it!

    • Mod Betty Dec 26, 2012 at 18:11

      TTYD is one of Mod Betty’s fave films, so it was an extra treat indeed!

  2. Gunnar Dec 26, 2012 at 17:43

    God bless us, every one!

    • Mod Betty Dec 26, 2012 at 18:10

      Gunnar – now you’ve got me picturing a “What if there were no Retro Roadmap?” show – either ala Scrooge or It’s a Wonderful Life! Happy New Year and let’s meet up in RI in 2013!

  3. A. Panda's Tiki Lounge Dec 26, 2012 at 19:07

    Aw shucks Mod Betty, it was an honor to meet you and Retro RoadHusband Cliff Hillis this year. Not only did you brave a rainy night to drive up to Bethlehem, you also came back with your Phoenixville ohana to see Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica. Next year I pledge to come to your town to catch a gig with Cliff on his home turf. We still also need to make that road trip to the Coal Region and the Yeungling Brewery, not to mention The Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale. Mahalo – I’m glad I know you!

    • Mod Betty Dec 27, 2012 at 08:51

      AP = You know the tiki crowd is few and far between here in PA, so it’s always nice to meet a kindred spirit! Definitely putting the Coal Region on our 2013 calendar, and if the stars align, perhaps the Hukilau too! There’s also Ohana at the lake as well. Such fun!

  4. rick Dec 28, 2012 at 05:41

    It’s an honor to be included in such outstanding company!

    • Mod Betty Dec 28, 2012 at 08:12

      Rick! It was so swell to meet up with you in person – and with your book and all coming out, it’s an honor to include you in the list! Perhaps we’ll see you in the next few months, as the cold weather is already getting to Mod Betty 🙂

  5. Lizzie Jan 08, 2013 at 17:54

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and Cliff. What fun!