Month: January 2013

Jan 31
Snail Mail Rules – A Sweet Note in the Retro Roadmap Mailbag

Here at Retro Roamdap HQ I get the occasional SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope,…

Jan 30
Vintage Motel, Drive In Resto, Retro Bowling, Soda Fountain, Art! Brevard NC Rocks Retro Roadmap

Since I wrote about the The Sunset Motel (a swell vintage motel being given a new…

Jan 23
Retro Roadmap Roundup March 2013 – The American Treasure Tour

Retro Roadmap’s Mod Betty has a bee in her mod bonnet about getting like minded…

Jan 21
Vintage Neon To Brighten The January Gloom!

Not sure if anyone else gets to be a glum chum during these dark months like Mod B…

Jan 11
Rescued Coca Cola Sign Salem NH – Mod Betty’s Old Photo Helped!

“I feel like I am saving a piece of history. Your picture is what made it…

Jan 04
Retro Roadmap Roundups 2013 – Where Can We Meet You?

Let’s Get Together- Yeah Yeah Yeah!  The Retro Roadmap Facebook page is all…


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