Month: June 2014

Jun 29
Mod Betty and The Hukilau 2014 – BFF! [Photo Gallery]

OH the fun we had! OH the vintage dresses and outfits we finally got to wear! YES, Mod…

Jun 11
Packing the Tiki Togs, Prepping for a Mai Tai – We’re Hukilau-bound!

Retro Roadhusband and I have for the past many years hosted our own Luau on the patio…

Jun 08
[REMUDDLED] Grab Your Buns Hot Out Of The Oven! Del Buono’s Bakery

2017 update: Sigh. Well, the “good” news first. Del Buono’s is open.…

Jun 08
Aqua & White Nash Metropolitan – Swoon!

Every time I drive past this adorable little vintage car I smile! It’s owned by…

Jun 04
Get Your Kicks at the Mercer! Route 66 Exhibit

Just heard about this on the radio and thought it would be of interest to Retro…


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