Month: July 2014

Jul 29
Pat’s Concrete: Update 2016 – Still Open!

2016 Good News – Pat’s Concrete is still open! We thought that Pat’s…

Jul 22
[CLOSED] Pat’s Concrete Lawn Ornaments White Marsh MD

March 2016:  UPDATE – Pat’s Concrete is still open and in business, and is…

Jul 18
The Very First Retro Roadmap Video – Thank You Kickstarter Supporters!

Mod Betty is excited to announce the very first Retro Roadmap video from our…

Jul 07
Mod Betty Interviewed by Betty Magazine [U.K. Love for U.S. Retro Roadtrips!]

A Twitter pal kindly reminded me of the nice chat I had with the Bettys over at Betty…

Jul 04
Adding 300+ Drive In Theatres to Spots – [RSS Readers Bear with Me!]

Hey gang – As you know I’m committed to making Retro Roadmap THE resource…


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