[RIP] Edgemere Diner Shrewsbury MA – Delightfully Deco!

2021: Sadly the Edgemere Diner is Closed and has been auctioned off and will be removed from this site. The good news is, according to the report in the link below, it has been sold to the owner of the Phonecia Diner who plans on moving it to the Catskills:


Original 2016 Post:

Mod Betty hasn’t been able to swing by the Edgemere Diner during their open hours, but there’s enough positive stuff posted about this 1948 Fodero-built vintage diner that she’s puttin it on the Retro Roadmap anyways! My website, my rules 😉

Edgemere Diner Shrewsbury MA

I mean not to be all “looks-ist” but check out how pretty this vintage diner is nowadays!

Edgemere Diner Shrewsbury MA

Back when Mod Betty first spied the Edgemere it still had good bones (and a winged clock!) but it did not look nearly as “Swellegant” back in 1995 when I took these photos on a diner tour:

Edgemere Diner Shrewsbury MA 1995 Retro Roadmap
But from what my sources tell me, the current incarnation of the Edgemere  is doing the diner up right.

Open 6 days a week (closed Mondays) for Breakfast and Lunch, Mod B is pleased to see from Yelp Photos that the place has been given a good scrub both inside and out.

Why don’t you swing by and update us here at Retro Roadmap about your experience? Mod Betty can’t be everywhere (though she’d like to be) so you’d be helping us all out!

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