RIP Paramus NJ Landmark – The Fireplace – Since 1956! [ CLOSED 2021 ]

Closed 2021 :

Original 2016 Post:

I discovered The Fireplace in Paramus when driving from upstate NY to New Jersey and back again in a snowstorm (don’t ask.) While I could not stop there at the time, I did put a pin in my secret “check this place out for Retro Roadmap” map for the future, because, well  this is what I do!

Driving home from MA to PA recently we realized the Fireplace is just a few easy minutes off of the Garden State Parkway. So we  have now discovered a great go-to place to stop for a quick bite when traveling in North Jersey.

The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap

Open since 1956 on a busy interchange on Route 17 it’s hard to get a photo of the entire restaurant without standing in the middle of traffic, but here’s a photo of what it looked like back in the day and it hasn’t changed all that much:
The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap

It has gotten some updated “retro style” branding and menu boards but there is still enough vintage ambiance to charm the Retro Roadmap visitor. Like the great stained glass window inserts, Colonial / Bicentennial touches, and Wild West type wagon wheel lights.

Oh, and der, there is a fireplace 🙂

The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap

So I’m cracking up at looking at my photos, because I realize I don’t have the requisite food shot to entice you to dine there – the lighting was too dim and it came out blurry. And we were hungry and it was late so we ate pretty quickly!

Here’s where we ordered our burgers, but they’ve got all sorts of food on their menu, including breakfast.
Note the toy train tracks above the counter – fun!

The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap

Here’s where we got to put on our own “fixins” on our burgers, including their famous pickles (My pal Brie, who also is a fan of this place told me that someone once stole the pickle bowl, but we were glad to see it (or a replica) during our visit!))

The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap

And you’ll just have to imagine our burgers (or check out all these food photos from their Yelp page) to see what you have to look forward to food-wise.

Remember to use the side exit to avoid congestion when leaving the building –  AND used Exit 165 off the GSPKWY to get to the FRPL!

The Fireplace - Paramus NJ - Retro Roadmap


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  • Don Montgomery
    March 22, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Been there a million times! My mom grew up right down the street from there. My gram and pop lived right near it, and my cousins still live within maybe 2 miles. I remember always getting gigantic pizzas there, for the whole table with my cousins, uncles, aunts.

    • Mod Betty /
      March 23, 2016 at 8:49 pm

      The pizza section was closed when we were there (Late on a Sunday night, so I’m not surprised) but I was surprised at the fact that they had so many sections an offerings. Cool place, and so convenient to the GSPKWY!

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