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Mar 03
Vintage Tiki Weekend at Wildwood’s Caribbean Motel – hostessed by Retro Roadmap’s Mod Betty – SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK!  – Mod Betty is hostessing a fab vintage tiki…

Feb 18
Roney’s Restaurant Route 130 Collingswood NJ Closed For Good – Bummer

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, so I’ll just consider this a…

Jul 22
Abandoned Vintage New Jersey Diners – A Cautionary Tale

Thanks to Diner Man Spencer Stewart and his blog Diner Hunter for sharing this great…

Jul 06
List of Vintage Diners in Southern New Jersey – Check ’em Out!

Here’s a quick list of the diners featured in my / Doo Wop…

Jul 29
Retro Roadmap Featured on Festival Of Postcards

I’m working like a busy bee through all of the great Mass places I’ve been…

Jul 02
Retro Roadmap Weekend- Wildwood New Jersey bound!

This holiday weekend will find your hostess on a Retro Roadmap Roadtrip (my fave!) as…