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Dec 17
Rare Vintage Diner For Sale! Phoenixville Pennsylvania’s Vale-Rio [Update: SOLD!]

SOLD! UPDATE: April 2017 – Philadelphia attorney Tom Kline is the new owner of…

Aug 02
Latest Retro Roadmap video at Delaware’s Historic Diner!

Retro Roadmappers! As some of you may know, our Kickstarter campaign was so successful…

Dec 30
Bridgeville Delaware Diner – Then and Now

It’s a chilly weekend here in Delaware, making Mod Betty want to stay inside…

Feb 15
The Famous Strawberry Pie at the Kumm Esse Diner Myerstown PA

Finally tried the famous strawberry pie at the Kumm Esse Diner- nom! Retro Roadhusband…

Sep 30
Rosedale Diner Postcard Print Mystery Gift at Work – Mystery Solved!

Lookit what was waiting for me this morning at my Corporate Cube- how cool! Now I just…

May 01
Diners of Pennsylvania 2nd Edition Now Out!

I got mine at Sled Fest but it’s available online through Stackpole Books.…

Apr 30
American Dream Diner Harrisburg PA

No, I did not get the Rope! (sausage) Sent from the Retro RoadPhone

Jan 11
Boston Braves and Diners – Thinking of My Dad

We joke in my family that you could do anything with my dad, as long as it was…

Dec 10
Another Mystery Boston Diner! Was it Real?

Mod Betty will be busy being the Hostess with The Mostess this weekend, but…

Dec 04
Diner Presentation by Larry Cultrera Monday 12/6 Quincy MA

Hey everyone, don’t forget about the slide presentation and talk that Larry…

Jul 28
What Vintage Boston Diner Is This? The Friends Of Eddie Coyle

I had always wanted to see the movie The Friends of Eddie Coyle again because I…

Jul 22
Abandoned Vintage New Jersey Diners – A Cautionary Tale

Thanks to Diner Man Spencer Stewart and his blog Diner Hunter for sharing this great…