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Four Sisters Owl Diner – Lowell MA Vintage Diner Destination

Posted on: March 16, 2017

2017 UPDATE: The Owl Diner in Lowell MA has been on Retro Roadmap since the beginning, when we asked diner pal Larry Cultrera of Diner Hotline to pick his top 10 Diners of Massachusetts. Since then a number of them have closed, but the Owl Diner lives on! Retro Roadmap pal Sabra was there recently and snapped a number of photos, so I thought I’d add them to the spot for this 1940 Worcester Lunch Car ( # 759)

Diner Hotline wrote in 2009: The Owl Diner is another diner that packs them in on the weekend! In fact they have added a large entryway that when finished will double as a waiting area with seats. They give you a lot of food for your buck and it’s always good! Operated by the Shanahan family since the early 1980’s.

Betty concludes: I am one of 3 sisters, but this place needs 4 of them to keep up with the hoppin business. You go, girls!