RIP Blue Benn Diner – Bennington VT Hidden Gem! CLOSED

Closed 2020:


Being from New England I totally get the “function over fashion” reason that the Blue Benn diner has these oversized canopies photobombing this classic diner. No one wants to be sitting near the door when the wint’ry winds blow in! But don’t let these awnings stop YOU from entering, as a fine meal in a vintage diner awaits you.

Blue Benn Diner Vermont Retro Roadmap(For a “prettier but probably chillier” view of the diner scroll down in Larry Cultrera’s Diner Hotline post where he shares his snapshots of Vermont diners he snapped in 1982. Love the cursive lettering on top of the diner!)

Take note! While all of your typical diner menu items are served, the Blue Benn has an extensive menu with all sorts of unusual and tasty options. We had a hard time making a decision, and the photo below only shows a small selection of the non-typical-diner treats available:

Blue Benn Diner Vermont Retro Roadmap

We opted to sit at the counter since there was just the two of us, and there were plenty of diners in the diner waiting to dine under the barrel roof of thisĀ 1948 Silk City diner.
Blue Benn Diner Vermont Retro Roadmap

Retro Roadhusband opted for a more traditional and photogenic club sandwich, but I will say that the cup of gazpacho that I had was flavorful and a nice healthy option after a weekend of over-indulging.

Blue Benn Diner Vermont Retro Roadmap

Oh what the heck – here’s my soup, if only to remind you that the Blue Benn is a great place to stop to eat even when you’re not in the mood for “diner” food. Just keep your eyes peeled for those Bright Blue Benn awnings!
Blue Benn Diner Vermont Retro Roadmap

Bonus if you made it this far! Here are some photos Mod Betty took of vintage diners in Vermont waaay back in 1990-1991. Not all of them are here anymore, but enjoy the walk back in time!

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