Latest Retro Roadmap video at Delaware’s Historic Diner!

Retro Roadmappers!

As some of you may know, our Kickstarter campaign was so successful we raised more support than our original goal, so there are a few more Retro Roadmap videos coming your way.

This one – Doyle’s Diner in Selbyville, Delaware is extra special to me,  having moved to Delaware from Mass (when Retro Roadhubs and I started dating) I have explored that Small Wonder from top to bottom/West to East, in my time living there.

Delaware is also where I got my start writing as Mod Betty for  The Bystander with my column “Unchained” which was pretty much the same concept as Retro Roadmap, before internets and videos came along 🙂

I’m also in the tail end of creating a Retro Roadmap Roadbook / guidebook, and my first one is for Delaware (since it is so small and so close by!)

Lastly, I’ve met the nicest, most down to earth / non-attitude type folks in DE. Instead of saying “You Can’t Do That” they are like “Go For It!” – and that minute bit of encouragement lead me to where I am today with Retro Roadmap and my life in general.

Glad to see hubs’ home state has caught on and started posting Historical Markers about these cool vintage places – they don’t make places like this any more!

Please watch, like, share.


Mod Betty

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