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Rare Vintage Diner For Sale! Phoenixville Pennsylvania’s Vale-Rio [Update: SOLD!]

Posted on: December 17, 2016


UPDATE: April 2017 – Philadelphia attorney Tom Kline is the new owner of the vintage diner, which has been hauled out of Phoenixville. Thank you Mr. Kline for saving it! Details here.

January 1, 2017 – a good way to start the new year! Mod Betty has been informed that the diner has been sold to a private buyer.Details will be forthcoming once I get them, but here’s what I know now:

  1. Private individual buyer
  2. Will be moving out of Phoenixville
  3. Not planning on opening it as a diner 


While it will leave the town and won’t be opening up as a diner, at least we can wipe the sweat off our collective brow that it will at least not end up in a landfill. Phew!


A classic stainless steel vintage diner in Phoenixville Pennsylvania is on the market (again) with the hopes that it will find its forever home instead of demolition.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Paramount Diner Moved 2008 - Retro Roadmap

60 years after it opened in 1948, the Vale-Rio diner was closed to make way for a chain drugstore. The diner was moved to 27 Nutt Road in Phoenixville, the location of Francis J. Puleo’s realty office, where it has been stored since 2008.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Paramount Diner Moved 2008 - Retro Roadmap

Puleo says that while the diner has been offered for sale before, he’s now willing to sell the diner for $30,000.

He’s also willing to help finance for the right buyer, as well as provide a list of trucking companies able to move the diner.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Paramount Diner Moved 2008 - Retro Roadmap

While this price is almost 85% less than its 2010 eBay offering price of $225,000, Puleo says that now he is simply hoping to get the money out of the diner that he put into moving it, and to get it off of his property within the next few months.


“I’d love to see it sold to someone who could re-open it, but at this point, if I am not able to find a buyer soon, I may have to scrap it.” Puleo reports.


Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Paramount Diner Moved 2008 - Retro Roadmap

Built by the Paramount Dining Car company of Haledon New Jersey, the Vale-Rio was located at the intersection of Bridge Street and Nutt Road.  Its unusual name was a play on the original owner’s last name of Valerio.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Pennsylvania For Sale - Retro Roadmap

The diner is one of only 4 remaining Paramount diners with rounded glass block corners and the distinctive round disc shape pressed into the stainless steel exterior skin of the diner. The others are the 11th Street Diner in Miami Beach FL,West Bay Diner in Grand Marais MI, and the sadly closed Comet Diner in Hartford, CT.

With seating for approximately 90 guests, the formica counter, swivel stools, booths and tile floor are intact, and the menu boards above the stainless backsplashes still advertise daily specials.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Paramount Diner Moved 2008 - Retro Roadmap

Also included in the sale of the diner are some interesting artifacts from the diner’s history, including the large double-sided diner sign on display at the diner.

Diner Phoenixville PA Vale Rio Val - For Sale - Retro Roadmap 2016

Also, while it is not in usable condition because of the newer accessibility laws, the original stainless steel vestibule entrance will be included.

Lastly, while it is currently in storage, Puleo has promised that the original diner clock advertising Paramount Dining Cars that once hung above the counter, is included in the diner sale.

Vale Rio Diner Phoenixville PA Pennsylvania Moved 2008 Retro Roadmap

If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing the diner can call Francis Puleo directly at 610-715-1547.

And don’t forget to let him know you heard about it on Retro Roadmap.

I’d love to be able to help give this once shiny diner a new lease on life!