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Flickr Friday – Old Real Diners

Posted on: June 26, 2009

This week’s Flickr Friday gives us a feast for the eyes,  the wonderful group of photos collected in  Old “Real” Diners!

This group is for photos of old diners (not the super chrome modern ones). The photos can be exterior shots, details, and interiors as long as they feature predominantly the design (not the food or people inside). Trolley cars & street cars that have been converted into diners are okay, too — but not regular coffee shops or restaurants (that may just call themselves “diners”). The structures themselves should be the prefabricated & installed type.

Here are a few from my archives, but take a look at the set that our Roadtrip Resource Debra Jane Seltzer of Roadside Architecture has helped to collect online!



If you see a photo you like, give some love, people always need positive feedback.

Happy Flickr Friday, all!

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