Month: July 2009

Jul 30
Retro Roadmap on Caribbean Motel Front Page!

Check out the swanky graphic the Caribbean has on their front page, featuring the…

Jul 29
Retro Roadmap Featured on Festival Of Postcards

I’m working like a busy bee through all of the great Mass places I’ve been…

Jul 28
Top 10 Diners of Massachusetts – Thanks, Diner Hotline!

Heading to Massachusetts and excited to visit  as many of my fave Retro Roadmappy…

Jul 25

Driving on 95 North, I saw something on the side of the road, and it looked like it…

Jul 24
Snapshots from Mass Retro Roadmap Trip – Flickr Friday!

A rainy day in Mass means a morning spent going through and uploading just some of the…

Jul 22
Chronicle TV show “Goes Retro” Along With Me!

My mother was kind enough to leave a message here at my sister’s house, to let…

Jul 21
Making it in Massachusetts

Hey folks, just a quick pop in from the road- having a swell time in Mass, and…

Jul 17
Retro Roadkids Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

During my visit home one of the things  I am looking forward to is bringing the Retro…

Jul 17
Retro Roadmapping Week Ahead – Aw, Boston You’re My Home!

Very excited to be heading back to my old stomping grounds of  Massachusetts for an…

Jul 16
Sine’s 5 & 10 Store Quakertown PA – A Great Find!

I recently revisited Sine’s 5 & 10 in Quakertown PA, one of my key Retro…

Jul 08
Blobfest 2010 Map, Phoenixville PA – Retro Roadmap Style!

Since we’re local to Blobfest, an annual tradition here in Phoenixville PA,…

Jul 07
Updates- Blobfest, Jimmy John’s, Pink Motel ‘n’ more

Just a quick update with some good news here at Retro Roadmap headquarters:…


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