Month: August 2009

Aug 26
[CLOSED] Papoo’s Hot Dog Show – Burbank, CA Landmark Now Closed (Aug 2011)

UPDATE – August 2011 I’m sorry to report that after 62 years in business,…

Aug 23
Mad Men Yourself in Real Life on Mad Men Mondays!

If any of you folks are fans of the show Mad Men, please join me in celebrating my…

Aug 20
[REMUDDLED] Shine On, China Moon Chinese Restaurant in Stoneham, MA

Jan 2018  UPDATE: I ain’t gonna lie, this one cuts deep. China Moon – one…

Aug 16
Vintage Trailer Lust

December 15, 2009 – MYSTERY UPDATE! Like silver ships that vanish in the night,…

Aug 15
[CLOSED] Denied at Danas! Lowell MA

March 2016: Mod Betty revisited Lowell and is sad to learn that Danas is closed for…

Aug 13
Irving Fields, Forever – He Turns 100 Years Old 2015!

Update 2015 –  Today, August 4, 2015 is Irving Fields’ 100th birthday AND…

Aug 13
Sad News Flash- Les Paul Dead at 94

“Somewhere there’s heaven, it’s where you are…” Just…

Aug 12
Retro Roadmap Birthday Purse!

Hello folks! I’m back and have plenty of useful and cool Retro Roadmap info to…

Aug 07
My Birthday, Retro Roadmap Style!

It happens to everyone and today it happens to me – it’s my birthday 🙂That…

Aug 06
[CLOSED] Big Orange Dinosaur Guards Route 1 Mini Golf Saugus MA

2016 Update: We had one more unexpected season, but sadly this place has been…


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